One on One- Play Review

In today’s world of short attention span, entertainment is rarely expected to make you think, and rarely does it leave a thought lingering with you for the days to come. but ‘One on One’ quite comfortably has succeeded to break those shackles with its unconventional themes, style and delivery. A collection of 8 short plays, each revolving around pressing social and political issues, delivered with a hint of humor. Each play has a maximum of two characters, with the conversation mostly directed towards the audience, with the feel of talking individually rather than the audience as a whole. The “One on One” feel is what really makes this a unique play, with the script and the actors backing it up heavily. Although I wouldn’t vouch for all 8 plays(two of them bored me no end with their cliches), a couple them were so intense that I found it hard to cope up with the intensity on the stage. Summing up, the crew from Mumbai has done a good job, making it a must watch.


Play review. Nobody sleeps alone

Nobody sleeps alone was like a typical bollywood movie. It had everything, the masala, the dance, the romance and even the music, which was played by a live  drummer cum percussion artist seated on the far end of the stage, which was probably the best thing about the play. The Play starts out with a very dark overtone, like some psychological thriller. But sadly the vibe ended very soon. Then came the humor, with loads of situation comedy which dominated much of the play.  As the play progresses the masala turns quite sour and the direction very sloppy. Props replace artists and the connection between the story and the play title is so vague that it keeps you wondering. All this was very easily negated by some wonderful acting by the 3 artists and amazing special effects by the musician. Apart from some low moments and a failed promise of a dark ending I did quite enjoy the play. Not a bad play to catch on a weekday evening.

Bikhre Bimb- Play Review

Bikhre Bimb is the much talked about play Written and Co-Produced By Girish Karnad, featuring Arundati Nag. This play appears quite frequently at Ranga Shankara, and I had missed every opportunity to watch this play for the past one year.  But Saturday was finally the day I got to watching the play, that after ditching a couple of other plans and a  25KM bus ride to get to Ranga Shankara.

Bikhre Bimb Starts out With Manjula, a Kannada Poet turned English Novelist who’s recent book has become a International success, addressing a press conference.  The pace and the confusion at the start of the play overwhelms and bores you a little bit.  But once thing settle and Nag’s One act play takes center stage there is no looking back. The life brought into the character of Manjula Sharma is as if it will convince the audience that Manjula Sharma is taking  stage and giving a live press conference. Then there is the twist of use of Technology and the prefect synchronization with the act.  One cannot Imagine the hours of hard work the crew  might have put to arrive at such a level of perfection.  Although the play is quite intense, there are quite a few lighter moments, concealed in it the plot slowly builds to a climax and a chaotic end.  Overall this is one of the best plays I have seen.