Play Review: Alice in Wonderland

What do you do when life has hit the wall, and routine has sucked the life out of you? You Imagine a world with infinite possibilities , you dream of wonderland. This is no ordinary place, here every day objects either become your gateway for a magical trip or attain higher dimension than their mortal purpose. Tram Theatre’s  Adaptation of ‘Alice in wonderland’ is an attempt to use objects and puppets as a medium to tell stories. This is a children play, yet it has got enough substance to capture a grown person’s attention.  Chief among them, is a brilliant improvisation of ‘Object Theatre’ , adding a lot of special effects to the overall feel. The plot has a very Indianized feel and strays quite a bit from the original layout of  Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland. The 100 plus children in the audience were  captivated by the  absurd world created in front of them, their discipline and silence was proof for this. Overall a excellent play if you want to introduce your kids the world of theatre.

Rating: 4/5 .


Vagrants on a highway

Vagrants on a highway

Far away from home after a three day ride, the trip meter read 1000 Kilometers. Somewhere in the middle of the vastness and chaos that is the Indian highway, a part of the trip  was digitized as a reminder to last for the years to come.


This picture was taken during a bike trip from  Bangalore to Aurangabad. This is one of my favourites, makes me viscerally happy every time I see it. Thinking back, it sure as hell was one crazy crazy trip.  In the photo, Kulkarni, Pawan and Gaurav. Who once with me were Vagrants on a Highway.

PS: I really want to write a post about it but my lazy ass doesnt let me to.