Play review. Nobody sleeps alone

Nobody sleeps alone was like a typical bollywood movie. It had everything, the masala, the dance, the romance and even the music, which was played by a live  drummer cum percussion artist seated on the far end of the stage, which was probably the best thing about the play. The Play starts out with a very dark overtone, like some psychological thriller. But sadly the vibe ended very soon. Then came the humor, with loads of situation comedy which dominated much of the play.  As the play progresses the masala turns quite sour and the direction very sloppy. Props replace artists and the connection between the story and the play title is so vague that it keeps you wondering. All this was very easily negated by some wonderful acting by the 3 artists and amazing special effects by the musician. Apart from some low moments and a failed promise of a dark ending I did quite enjoy the play. Not a bad play to catch on a weekday evening.


Must have bash aliases for git command line users

alias gb=’git branch’
alias gc=’git commit’
alias ga=’git add’
alias gco=’git checkout ‘
alias gd=’git diff’
alias gp=’git push’
alias gp=’git push’
alias pp=’git pull && git push’
alias gst=’git status’

My Favorite here is ‘pp’, pull and push on a single command. Quite handy and saves a lot of time. This can obviously be improved on further, that will be done when I learn more of bash scripting. As of now I have decided to build on my bashrc and vimrc to setup a more productive environment.


Thanks to this link. I have modified a few things to suit me.

Parallel processing in Ruby

Parallel Processing can be achieved in two different ways, multi-core and single process threaded architecture. In a Multi core environment independent operations are shared between multiple CPU cores so as to obtain considerable improvements in performance. A single core threaded setup uses a single process with multiple threads for each individual operations using thread context switching for switching between the execution of different threads.  Threads are ideal where operations wait for longer times during I/O operations. When one Thread is blocked for I/O  a context switch takes place to another thread.  This results in collective improvement in performance.

A very simple example of using parallel processing(Threaded or Parallel Processes) is by the gem Parallel.

Note: Using Threads are dangerous and could result in actually slowing your execution if done wrongly be Warned.

Bikhre Bimb- Play Review

Bikhre Bimb is the much talked about play Written and Co-Produced By Girish Karnad, featuring Arundati Nag. This play appears quite frequently at Ranga Shankara, and I had missed every opportunity to watch this play for the past one year.  But Saturday was finally the day I got to watching the play, that after ditching a couple of other plans and a  25KM bus ride to get to Ranga Shankara.

Bikhre Bimb Starts out With Manjula, a Kannada Poet turned English Novelist who’s recent book has become a International success, addressing a press conference.  The pace and the confusion at the start of the play overwhelms and bores you a little bit.  But once thing settle and Nag’s One act play takes center stage there is no looking back. The life brought into the character of Manjula Sharma is as if it will convince the audience that Manjula Sharma is taking  stage and giving a live press conference. Then there is the twist of use of Technology and the prefect synchronization with the act.  One cannot Imagine the hours of hard work the crew  might have put to arrive at such a level of perfection.  Although the play is quite intense, there are quite a few lighter moments, concealed in it the plot slowly builds to a climax and a chaotic end.  Overall this is one of the best plays I have seen.

BCB13 follow up and slides

Firstly Thank you to the organizers of Barcamp Bangalore for such a awesome event and the participants for being such a awesome audience. Special Shout outs to @Satyabhat and a couple others whom unfortunately I could not talk to find out their names.

Here is the link to the slides for the talk
The slides are powered by Timline JS.


– Most of the content was inspired from the Coursera course ‘Internt, History, Technology, and Security’


– The User agent String story was inspired by

– The 2chan and something awful story was inspired by a reddit comment( Cant seem to find a link)

– Much of the Mosaic and JS stories where inspired from a talk by Crockford

Riding through a Tiger reserve

CC image from Wikipedia

CC image from Wikipedia

On the Road to Ooty from Mysore, one will have to go through the Bandipur-Madumali
National park road. What got me so excited about the ride through the
Bandipur reserve was the minute possibility of being face to face with the majestic
creature of the forest. Although the name, Bandipur/Madumallai tiger
reserve is misleading, owing to the fact that your chances of meeting a
tiger is as slim as snowing in the thar desert, it still is an amazing experience.
The sight of lesser harmful animals and the feeling of a thinning
boundary between man and animal helps to keep you thrilled.Naturally speaking, Bandipur and Madumallai are
the part of the same forest, but the different names are on account of
different state governments(Karnataka and Tamil Nadu) being in charge of
the areas. It seems stupid that something which nature has ordained has
been divided by man. Coincidentally, the vegetation of the two areas are
much different. While Bandipur is populated with bamboo shoots and sparse
grass, in Madulmallai grows taller trees and the forest looks more
denser. Even the terrain is much different; While Madumallai has wider
roads with more of a highway feel, the latter has very narrow roads
with almost no space between the flora and the road. Entering into the tiger
reserve in a bike, we had a one point agenda, to spot a tiger or to
prevent dissapointment, at-least any other wild animal. The right and left
side of the road was divided between the two of us and we set out with
(expectations) in our heart. As soon we rode into the archway of
Bandipur, we started to feel a certain kind of calm. Although there were
considerable vehicles on the road, the chaos of a normal high way was missing and

every one was hornlessly cruising at a leisurely pace, thanks to

the speed limit. But deep within I was mildly dissapointed, as I was expecting
this to be a dense forest where the tress would shadow darkness
during broad daylight. Forget tigers, no wild life would dwell close by
. Just when I was about to give in, on my patrolling side of the road
I glanced a group of deers proudly lying down dangerously close to the
road, as if they were totally ok sharing their space with the
disgusting humans. I quickly yet quietly poked at my friend who was
riding, but he seemed lost in the tranquility and took a good 10 seconds
to respond, the time by which the deers where out of sight. I swore at
him for not being attentive and we rode on with bamboo shoots towering
around us from both sides. Our entry into Madhumallai was marked with a
kind of forest office junction and a sudden change in the forest. Here,
we spotted an elephant near a water source, it probably was tamed by the
forest guards although I did not find any chains. Entering into
Madumalai, we came across a water hole besides the road, where stood an
antelope looking angrily at us. It was probably irritated at
the trespassing by the humans and in protest or as a sign of asserting
its territory stood motionless. I would have been fooled into thinking
it was a statue, If not for the slight tilting of its head just before I stole the last glance.
That was the last We had any glimpse of animals apart from a few
monkeys. On the return journey riding out of Bandipur, I was saddened as
I was not even close to spotting a tiger. But I had hope that won day I
would come back and be face to face with the Majestic creature of the


Year in review 2012

Here is to remembering an amazing year that has gone past

–  Became part of the G1 gang(House number G1), who, luckily for me accept me the way I am.

– Better half of the year was spent without PC, finally bought a laptop in August.

–  Almost zeroed in on playing Dota, watching movies and TV shows.

– Compensated to the boredom by reading a LOT of books. History and Travellouges are my Favorites.

– Moved out of Electronic City to G1 in June.

– Got addicted to Reddit and found a love for Historical Photographs.

– Gave a talk on ‘Jekyll Site generation and Blogging’ for Bar Camp Bangalore.

– Work was absolutely chaotic for the later part of the year. Ended up quitting my first job after working for just over a year.

– Took a months break, in between. Loafed around and had the time of my life.

– Month of March was Magical. Had a bike trip to Chickmangalur in the first week, Kumar Parvata Trek in the second and a Mysore bike trip for the fourth week.

– April kicked off with a trip to the Himalayas. Being among the hills is an indescribable feeling.

– Bike trip to Coorg in August.

– Bike trip to Ooty in October.

– Epic bike trip to Aurangabad(Ajanta, Ellora, Daulatabad) in December. I was riding pillion for 1500/2500 Km’s of the trip. Had to head back a couple of days earlier due to lack of leave.