One on One- Play Review

In today’s world of short attention span, entertainment is rarely expected to make you think, and rarely does it leave a thought lingering with you for the days to come. but ‘One on One’ quite comfortably has succeeded to break those shackles with its unconventional themes, style and delivery. A collection of 8 short plays, each revolving around pressing social and political issues, delivered with a hint of humor. Each play has a maximum of two characters, with the conversation mostly directed towards the audience, with the feel of talking individually rather than the audience as a whole. The “One on One” feel is what really makes this a unique play, with the script and the actors backing it up heavily. Although I wouldn’t vouch for all 8 plays(two of them bored me no end with their cliches), a couple them were so intense that I found it hard to cope up with the intensity on the stage. Summing up, the crew from Mumbai has done a good job, making it a must watch.


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