Play review. Nobody sleeps alone

Nobody sleeps alone was like a typical bollywood movie. It had everything, the masala, the dance, the romance and even the music, which was played by a live  drummer cum percussion artist seated on the far end of the stage, which was probably the best thing about the play. The Play starts out with a very dark overtone, like some psychological thriller. But sadly the vibe ended very soon. Then came the humor, with loads of situation comedy which dominated much of the play.  As the play progresses the masala turns quite sour and the direction very sloppy. Props replace artists and the connection between the story and the play title is so vague that it keeps you wondering. All this was very easily negated by some wonderful acting by the 3 artists and amazing special effects by the musician. Apart from some low moments and a failed promise of a dark ending I did quite enjoy the play. Not a bad play to catch on a weekday evening.


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