Bikhre Bimb- Play Review

Bikhre Bimb is the much talked about play Written and Co-Produced By Girish Karnad, featuring Arundati Nag. This play appears quite frequently at Ranga Shankara, and I had missed every opportunity to watch this play for the past one year.  But Saturday was finally the day I got to watching the play, that after ditching a couple of other plans and a  25KM bus ride to get to Ranga Shankara.

Bikhre Bimb Starts out With Manjula, a Kannada Poet turned English Novelist who’s recent book has become a International success, addressing a press conference.  The pace and the confusion at the start of the play overwhelms and bores you a little bit.  But once thing settle and Nag’s One act play takes center stage there is no looking back. The life brought into the character of Manjula Sharma is as if it will convince the audience that Manjula Sharma is taking  stage and giving a live press conference. Then there is the twist of use of Technology and the prefect synchronization with the act.  One cannot Imagine the hours of hard work the crew  might have put to arrive at such a level of perfection.  Although the play is quite intense, there are quite a few lighter moments, concealed in it the plot slowly builds to a climax and a chaotic end.  Overall this is one of the best plays I have seen.


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