Year in review 2012

Here is to remembering an amazing year that has gone past

–  Became part of the G1 gang(House number G1), who, luckily for me accept me the way I am.

– Better half of the year was spent without PC, finally bought a laptop in August.

–  Almost zeroed in on playing Dota, watching movies and TV shows.

– Compensated to the boredom by reading a LOT of books. History and Travellouges are my Favorites.

– Moved out of Electronic City to G1 in June.

– Got addicted to Reddit and found a love for Historical Photographs.

– Gave a talk on ‘Jekyll Site generation and Blogging’ for Bar Camp Bangalore.

– Work was absolutely chaotic for the later part of the year. Ended up quitting my first job after working for just over a year.

– Took a months break, in between. Loafed around and had the time of my life.

– Month of March was Magical. Had a bike trip to Chickmangalur in the first week, Kumar Parvata Trek in the second and a Mysore bike trip for the fourth week.

– April kicked off with a trip to the Himalayas. Being among the hills is an indescribable feeling.

– Bike trip to Coorg in August.

– Bike trip to Ooty in October.

– Epic bike trip to Aurangabad(Ajanta, Ellora, Daulatabad) in December. I was riding pillion for 1500/2500 Km’s of the trip. Had to head back a couple of days earlier due to lack of leave.


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