The power of social network and online communities

It all started out with a normal tweeted link for Wikipedia donations. For the immense respect i have for Wikipedia, I immediately went over to the link and donated a very meagre amount. I also impulsively tweeted the link. A couple of minutes later I had a tweet poped on the timeline indicating that  a former colleague  had also donated.  Quite sure that my tweet had triggered his donation I decided to post it on facebook just so that word would spread. What followed was quite overwhelming. People where persuaded by the link I shared and it not only triggered a lot of donations followed by a comment “done”, but also a lot of shares of the link with a thank you comment. This got me thinking of how wonderful the internet has made the world and the amount of potential online communities have to make a real impact on humanity. I am not bragging here that my sharing of a link triggered so many donations. But it did get the word across and it gave us all a sense of belonging to one. A common cause for the betterment of all of us.



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