On Scaling top 3 mountains in Karnataka

” Why do men climb mountains? May be for the simple reason that, they are there”

A little less then a year ago I had my first trekking experience in the first week of December. The experience changed my life forever and made me realize the joy of being close to nature. A few days back after reaching Tadiyandamol I completed the list of top three peaks in Karnataka. This deserved a blog post as a mark of milestone. So here goes.

Mullayanagiri. #1 in Karnataka. Although we didnt trek there i have promised myself, i will do it someday.

Tadiandamol. #2 in Karnataka. A short one hour treak to the peak.

Kumara Parvata. #3 in Karnataka and the one where i struggled the most. will conquer this one properly. some other time


2 thoughts on “On Scaling top 3 mountains in Karnataka

  1. nice pics but tadiyandamol and kumara parvatha are not the 2nd and 3rd highest mountains in ka,(may be on difficulty levels). there are other tall mounatains like kudremukh, bababudan giri, hebbegiri, biligiriranga hills- all are bw 1800 to 1900 mts.

    • I agree that they might not be the top on the difficulty levels. But in terms of heights these are the top three. Tadiyandamol is probably the easiest trek.

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