To the abode of the gods

Very often in life we talk about doing that special thing after which we can strike it of from our bucket list. Quitting  your job to start that company , going on a world tour or something crazy on that lines. But it so happens that you only talk of doing things and never really end up doing it. For me its always been going to Himalayas, right from child hood my imagination had been captured by all the mythology, literature and off course the images. I had never really worried about when i would visit the hills (an apt romantic reference), until the day i got this call and voice from the other end ” We are going to the himalayas are you coming?” “I need some time to think” “tell us within four days,we have to book the tickets”. A cold feet attack and i was conjuring up all reasons as to why i will not be able to join in the trip, Leave from office? money? fitness? this seem so unreal, I am i really going to do it?. Finally all  doubts laid to rest the trip still seemed unreal. I would never imagine i would strike this off so early.

I really want to write more about the trip. But having re written the post a 100 times i could not come up with something which would do justice to the trip. Next trip I am going to carry a book with me which will capture the emotions as they will experienced. In case you landed here expecting something have a look at this facebook album.



2 thoughts on “To the abode of the gods

  1. Dude, seriously I am jealous of you because of this trip. Every biker’s or in general traveller’s destination is Himalyas. Good you got the opportunity so early in life. Lets see when mera number will come. 🙂

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